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Achieve Business Marketing Success through Variable Data Printing

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One type of digital printing that allows customers and marketers to customise every piece of print during a press run is called Variable Data Printing (VDP).

This inventive method lets you digitally print any item with a difference in the text or images on each sheet without any need to interrupt the ongoing printing process. VDP is a very good idea for personalisation of materials so business owners or advertising agencies perhaps may appeal to some potential clients by communicating a particular message depending on their varied interests. VDP only requires input from an existing customer database of your business, or using an external list; you can key in accurate information to personalise each printed material to cater your clients’ requests.

VDP Connects you with your Customers


Think about your direct mail as an example for VDP. You get to display on each piece your customer’s name or even their photos, plus throw in a personal greeting and your clients are sure to appreciate your ad mail better than those generic ones. Do so and your advertising mail will be junk mail no more. Another use for VDP is a set of tailored brochures with the same layout but which you can print to contain precise details like recipients’ buying preferences to display the various products available at your store. Customised brochures are also great when you have multiple niche markets to take care of. For example, a family would be more interested in household or travel items while teenagers are more inclined to buy materials reflective of pop culture.

To get you even more convinced, variable data printing also lets you instantaneously have Plan A and Plan B versions of your campaign. Since you’re doing digital printing, you can opt to have two or more versions of your promotional materials, which you can simultaneously launch to see which works better than the other or to check if both complements each other. Either way can help you promote your business and boost your sales without adding to your expenses, unlike traditional printing. With VDP, you also get to track the results of campaigns using a custom promo code, and you can make corrections where needed. Another advantage to using VDP is there’s room to create different language versions in smaller quantities or just as required to serve a very specific demographic of your business.

Database targeting is also more accurate with VDP than traditional printing for you can integrate your database mining with the former and you can generate coupons to drive your customer’s behavior in a way that is advantageous to both you and your client. For example, you run a café; with database targeting, you can access a report of customers buying your special Caramel Latte, and you can later offer them a 20% discount coupon on your anniversary celebration.

Other examples of variable data printing are calendars, perhaps with your clients’ name written differently for each month. Another are invitation cards with a few personal details printed which your recipients can appreciate. Other VDP promotional or marketing products are membership cards. Customers would love a more personalised card to make them feel special about their membership.

Why It’s Smart to Use VDP


It is common for businesses to gather data on their clients’ purchasing choices. However, due to varied reasons, not all companies make use of this valuable information. With variable data printing, business owners and marketing analysts may use the information to help drive their sales up with a more thorough understanding of their customers’ interests and buying preferences.

One particular type of business that use VDP are grocery chains. Through an incredibly individualise marketing, these stores can send a family coupons for certain household items or even more specific, those with pets can have ticket discounts for pet food and other similar items. Knowing what your consumer buys and prefers is something you can take advantage of by producing customised advertising to encourage them to buy additional items they are likely interested in and are more than willing to purchase.

Variable data printing helps you market your business in a faster and more efficient way than before. Similar to another known printing style, which is variable imaging, VDP’s greatest asset is the customisations option it offers to help you create a more personal and at the same time well-measured transactional relationship with your clients and other prospective customers.


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