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Tips on Nailing Your Business Promotional Materials

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Your company is doing extremely well, everything is going according to the plan. You’re very satisfied. Is it time to sit back, relax and enjoy your success? Not exactly, it’s time to promote! It’s great that you’re doing well, but you need to show it to others so they know that your company is the one they should come to. Every company needs promotion, because it needs clients. Finding them is one of the essential tasks you need to undertake.

Catalogues, brochures, presentations, posters etc. are just a few ways to promote your company. Promotion strategy should be considered thoroughly and carefully, with a lot of attention and seriousness. In this spirit, we suggest hiring somebody to do this job for you. It’s very important, so our advice is not to do it yourselves, unless you’re promotional pros, which is probably not the case. The stakes are too high for you to gamble in this situation. Leave it to the experts and they will help you reach that goal you’ve been fantasising about. In case you’re wondering what the most efficient ways to promote your business are, take a look at some of the following suggestions.

Increase Brand Recognition

It’s obvious that increasing your brand recognition benefits your company, but how exactly can you do it? The answer is repetition! Even unwillingly, seeing or reading something over and over again makes you remember things, whether you wanted to or not. Just think about all the places you walk by every day on your way to work. I bet you can remember all the titles of posters on your route, or at least most. This is why T-shirts are excellent promotional materials. They’re like moving billboards that came reasonably cheap.

Avoid Short Shelf Life

When it comes to types of promotional products, make sure to choose wisely. Your goal is to get the best results for the most reasonable price. Keeping this in mind, selecting long-lasting products is a smart thing to do. For instance, instead of choosing sticky notes which will be spent quite quickly, choose a holder that can be used multiple times and last for years.  

Give and Take

One of the useful principles you oblige is the give-and-take strategy. Basically, you give promotional items to companies and expect them to be your clients. No other implications are needed. Make a list of companies you think could use your services and give them a goody bag of branded calendars, pencils, mugs etc. Most of them will feel the obligation to use your services after this gesture and that’s exactly what you were going for in the first place.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Just a Target Audience

It’s understandable that you should focus on your target audience and expect most of you clients from this group. However, don’t limit yourself to your target audience exclusively. Give others a chance to hear about your company and consider choosing your services. After all, you cannot predict everything and there is a certain percentage of unexpected clients that will require your services. Don’t miss out on them by neglecting this possibility!

The Joy of Regifting

Regifting is an absolute no in every other area except business promotion. There is a silent agreement among all businessmen that promotional materials should be passed on. The more your branded items get passed on, the more people will see them and know about you. It’s like a recycled advertisement that you never need to pay for again. So, if you stumble upon some branded products you got and no longer need, don’t throw them away, give them to someone else and know that you did someone a favour. It’s a two-way street, don’t you forget that!

Drawing Attention

If you’d like to attract new customers, the easiest way to do so is to offer free stuff and the best place to do it is a trade-show. Wherever you are located, people will hear about you. Whether they need a pen and they hear that your booth is giving them away or they just happen to see a great branded T-shirt and come and check you out. According to Time, companies that give away items for free have much bigger benefits than expenses in the process. So, focus on booklet printing and other types of promotional items and give them away at the trade-show.

Clothing Caution

When designing branded T-shirts or other pieces of clothing, be very careful. Think about who is going to want to wear these clothes and on what occasions. Simply putting your logo on the clothing item will not suffice. It’s advisable to put an appropriate slogan on the T-shirt. The slogan should be fun, catchy and inspiring, but at the same time, it should represent your company’s motto. If you do this right, many people will want to wear clothes branded by your company as they will be able to empathise with the writing.  

If you follow some basic rules of advertising, your company will thrive. Of course, it’s important to try and display yourself in the best possible light while avoiding dishonesty at all cost. Being truthful in your marketing materials is an issue regulated by law. In addition, people respond well to honesty, as well as a good attitude. In that spirit, it’s important that you try and do your best and your audience will surely appreciate it!

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