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Case Study – Xplosive Ape

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Xplosive Ape is a Clothing Apparel Business that’s only really been around for just over a year, but within that time it’s grown quickly as a business even sponsoring well known athletes in the world of strongman Eddie Hall (Britains Strongest Man and Worlds Strongest Man Competitor).

The basic concept for the Xplosive Ape is to have a clothing range that caters for the avid gym goers, the ones who are serious and make all sizes available, so larger guys and athletes alike have the option to wear comfortable clothing for training in the gym and still look good in other environments.

The Niches

The main niche was to be able to go up to 5XL and larger on request. More importantly, the business has a drive to go further with design lead creations, incorporating a gritty ‘go for it’ attitude to achieving your goals.

The Demographic and style

The main demographic is aimed at strongmen, weightlifters and body builders, basically anyone who is a training enthusiast.

Our Approach


First hand research shown a lot of the competition was only really printing their own logo designs onto different clothing and colours. Xplosive Ape wanted something else, something more bespoke and fashion led.

Looking at other brands that where successful in the fitness industry, American UFC clothing brands such as Affliction Clothing and Olimp fight and live, these gave inspiration towards the new gritty look we were aiming for.

We researched relevant images, illustrations and fonts anything that gave inspiration to the rough look we were looking for.


Old school illustration – using a hand drawn approach, tattoo art and mixing this into a new gritty style, emulating chalk , spray paint, and scratches brought about the rough looking style and approach we wanted for Xplosive Ape.

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We got on board near the beginning with a good understanding of what the client was after. We presented back Ideas of how the style could work, fonts colours and research of imagery and ideas that would help the design approach later on.

Within the research we mocked up the first tee shirt design Ape Rampage as an example, which the client loved and basically was one of the first bespoke designs to get printed up.

After this came ‘Don’t talk to me’. Both designs sold really well. After the initial success we then created ‘Ape Evolution’, based on the evolution of man but adapted to evolving back to a strong ape, and ‘Army of Apes’ which came about a little later, from an idea from Planet of The Apes. These too sold well and become top sellers.

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After initially doing just the tee shirt designs we then moved onto the collateral such as flyers, business cards, web and social media graphics. Moveover we have always been there to help and support Xplosive Ape get off the ground giving advice where possible to help get it looking and feeling as good as it should do.

Now we’re in the next phase of evolution (so to speak) a new website launched at the end of April, bringing it up to speed with an in-keeping gritty feel mixed with a fluid professional looking responsive site design, working across all platforms, with new graphics and banners to promote the new collections for 2015.

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Also we have started Email campaigns via mailchimp, using this simple yet effective resource, we’ve managed to create eshots how we want them to look to sit on brand and help further the professional look of the brand.

Shortly after the website re-launch we also worked on the Exhibition Design for the Body Expo at the NEC, this had a large graphic area around the one of the pillars of the Event Hall and the main stall at the side of this, so we kept it simple with a large logo and social media and large Eddie Hall graphics on the pillar and logo graphics on a red background on the back wall. This went really well and currently there is a video showing the Expo success on

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Working with a client such as Xplosive Ape can bring its own challenges, but it’s always a pleasure to work with them, from the creative freedom, being able to get back to basics, work on paper and mixed media again and to help lead them into the right direction knowing they are a company that listens to advice and relies heavily on its brand to succeed.




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