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WordPress, the platform of choice

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WordPress has developed a long way since it’s humble blogging beginning. It has fast become a more intuitive and useful platform now used more and more as a content management system or CMS for many different website across the globe. Here are just some examples of fantastic websites out there which use this platform and build upon it to create beautiful responsive and engaging websites – click here

But why WordPress?

When I started out as a Freelance designer, early on I was asked to create a set of websites, at the time this meant relearning HTML, CSS, getting my head around snippets of java script and using some add ons to complete the job. Early on I also realised the importance of mysql databases, php and jquery, after a while it all starts to go over your head trying to learn how to use and implement all these codes as i wasn’t a born developer or web wizard! I started looking for other ways of building sites and came across WordPress as a solution.

WordPress takes a little bit of learning at first, the original layout still apparent even today as a base for blogging but has the ability to adapt to be a powerful CMS pretty easily.

The platform is created in PHP and utilises a mysql database taking a lot of hard work out of building a website. Obviously knowledge of such things and other codes is still very useful, and the more you know of anything the more you’ll get out of it, but fundamentally it gives you the tools  and base you need to create a website with all the functionality, automation and even responsive ability (in most themes) to create any professional site without having to touch any code if so needed.

Whats more WordPress has plenty of designers and developers creating fantastic templates and plugins for WordPress users. So even someone who is unfamiliar with the development side, can use these as a template for building and adapting intuitive and creative websites fairly quickly and with the possibility to manage there own content as well.

So in short, its way easier then starting from scratch giving you a platform to build on which is open source (free).

Provides a powerful CMS for websites that can be automated, responsive and completely customisable, giving the user the control they want.

It has plenty of plugins from e-commerce add ons, to comment forms, to whatever you can think of and themes which can give any site a professional finish with little more then adding your own brand and content.

It’s pretty user friendly as well. If you’re willing to learn it can be picked up fairly quickly on how to use or simply update content and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge of coding languages or even HTML to create a website.

find out more information on wordpress and what it offers here.

So what about Joomla and Drupal?

WordPress isn’t alone, Joomla and Drupal are two of the other big platforms used today for creating and maintaining websites by providing great content management systems. However neither platform is in use as much as WordPress is today.

Personally I have no experience on either Joomla or Drupal, from what I do know they are a little more technical to use, yet allow more control to the user and in some ways can be more streamline as well as having similar benefits, but for more information and a good comparison and explanation for each have a look here.

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